What are breeding banners?

Bully breeding banners are digital designs that are made to promote your breeding’s online. It gives the person, viewing the design, an easy idea of what your producing along with information such as bloodlines, kennel club registries, parent names, etc.

We’re in this digital age where everyone’s connected to the internet and being active on social networks so, you want to have something that will give you an advantage and will help you stand out while someone is scrolling up and down there feed looking for something that catches there eyes.

What is needed to get a breeding banner made?

When ordering a custom breeding banner, you would need to provide

  • Name of Sire & Dame
  • quality photo of both Sire & Dame
  • Kennel name and/or breed title
  • Contact Information
  • Feature image of key ancestors in the pedigree (option)

Full payment of 50% deposit, preferably though PayPal, would be needed before starting design.

Bully Industries USA designs American Bully breeding banners for only $65

socal@bullyindustries.net | Facebook.com/BullyIndustriesUSA

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